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I actually found this quite entertaining. She’s funny as fuck.

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Madelyn Monroe:

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Jason Horton: The World’s Only White Male Comedian. Awkward Dating & Relationship sketch comedy & funny comedy videos. Usually always involving women. Also how to / top 5 / advice videos for the whole family but not really.

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In this shoot for Milf Soup, Madelyn Monroe plays the daughter who is caught by her step mom sucking off her boyfriend. Busty milf Nikki Benz then proceeds to show Madelyn how to REALLY deep throat, and it turns into a big fucking threesome. The boyfriend ends up blowing his cum load all over Madelyn Monroe’s ass AND Nikki Benz’s face.


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Seattle girl Madelyn Monroe deep throats a monster cock that’s bigger than the Space Needle in this video. She may be a little petite but she stretches her mouth as far as it can go to get as much dick meat as possible. When the time comes she slides her meaty twat down his black pole and he’s so big she feels super fucking tight. Her moans and screams are not fake, people. Not on that huge dick…

Madelyn Monroe blackcock gloryhole

Madelyn Monroe is the gloryhole girl you pictured on the other side of the stall. She loves blackcock, and the thrill of getting some anonymous dick turns her on to no end. How can you not like that? She even backs her pussy up to get some big black cock inside her. She’s even nice enough to brings these dicks to a throbbing finish.


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I’m not sure what the premise is here. It seems to be a Halloween set in a classroom, and Madelyn Monroe is about to get fucked.


In fact, she gets fucked right on the teacher’s desk, her legs spread wide.


I guess getting fucked on the teacher’s desk is some school girl’s fantasy, right?


After getting her pussy fucked nice and deep, Madelyn Monroe gets a big cum shot.

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Madelyn Monroe offers up her ass

Madelyn Monroe hooks up with the Reality Kings for this Cum Fiesta video. It looks like a privately shot scene with an English bloke convincing Madelyn to strip down and give him a sweet piece of her delicious pussy. She’s wearing a hot little thong, which she moves to the side to give him a nice peek. He can’t take it any longer and pops out his hard cock that demands attention and she willing obliges taking it in her mouth for a quick blowjob…

Madelyn Monroe joins an orgy on the BangBus


What the fuck planet is Rebeca Linares from? She’s too bloody sexy to be from Earth, so I’m guessing she’s an alien or a fembot or something. No matter where she’s from, my cock loves her – and so will yours. Since life isn’t fair, I don’t get to nail her, but the guys in the BangBus do. As you’ll witness in this streaming movie, the guys pick up the ever so scrumptious Ms. Linares as she’s walking around town in a bikini top and tiny shorts. Her big tits are giving that bikini a quite a hassle, and you’d could easily eat the shorts right off her perfect ass.

Rebeca Linares likes to party, so she hops back onto the sidewalk for a minute and easily recruits two more banging hotties for a little BangBus action. So in come Ella Milano and Madelyn Monroe, and  holy shit are they smoking hot! Next, she invites three dudes right of the street into the bus. What the fuck, right? Shit, girls, I’m available! Anyway, Rebeca gets the party rolling along in the back of the bus. Madelyn Monroe and the other babes are all about sucking and fucking, and they are really, really good at it. One of those lucky bastards gets his rock hard shaft rode by Rebeca reverse cowgirl style. I mean, there she is, perfect big tits hanging out while she does all the work, jumping up and down on that guy’s happy cock. That’s got to be like winning the fucking lottery.

Madelyn Monroe lesbian threesome pussy feast


Madelyn Monroe hooks up with Ella Milano and Mercedes Lynn for a pussy feast. These amateur porn stars are about to have a lesbian threesome experience.


Madelyn Monroe may be new to eating pussy, but she’s a real eager muff diver.


Madelyn Monroe gets her turn during this lesbian threesome, including a triangle pussy feast on the bed, which is like a 69 except with three people going at it all at once. Is there a number for that?

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Madelyn Monroe and friend seduced by married couple


Madelyn Monroe and Cassandra Nix have a girls day with Kelly Madison, doing makeovers and trying on prom dresses she has for her costume shows.


When Kelly’s husband shows up, they propose recreating prom night, completely with getting laid afterwards. Even with three girls and one guy, this married couple makes it work.


Husband Ryan is a lucky prick, sleeping with his wife and other women all the time. Madelyn Monroe and Cassandra Nix treat it like the prom night they should have had.


Ryan stacks all three girls on top of each other and fucks their cunts each in turn.


Ryan sticks his wife and these two teen girls with his hard cock until he cums over all.

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Madelyn Monroe curling iron masturbation


For an amateur porn star, Madelyn Monroe seems ready to try anything, including a brief love affair with her curling iron.


Curling iron masturbation isn’t as uncommon as you might think. Many girls try it.


Madelyn Monroe shows some skill here, getting her pussy all wet from her strokes.


After a short time with curling iron masturbation, Madelyn Monroe is heavily wet.

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